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"Make Your Hiring Work Hassle Free! "

IT & Non IT Recruitment

Staff your role, fast, with our dedicated recruiters that help make the whole process seamless. Find skilled temporary and permanent professionals with Q Group, India’s very own world quality staffing organization.

Keep The Faith,We Will Deliver

Serious business requires serious commitment, consistency, and innovation. At QGroup, we are always focused on delivering the best possible IT staffing experience and value for our clients.

Consistent Quality

In IT Staffing, it really does take one to know one. We don’t push piles of buzz word resumes. We work closely with you to deliver people that fit, so you have more time dedicated to your business than to ours.

Timely Delivery

Consistent Quality and Timely Delivery go hand in hand. One without the other just isn’t a very effective value proposition. With our industry experience and relationships, we deliver both

Custom Solutions

QGroup provides custom solutions specifically designed to deliver to your complex project and personnel needs. Whatever your staffing needs are, we’re there working out a solution that fits.