Q Security Services



Founded in 2013, Q Security Services, stands at the forefront of India’s Security Management solutions industry. Specializing in Security Services, Facility Management, Staffing & Payroll Management, Training & Development, the company has solidified its position as a leading and professional entity in the Government and Corporate Sector.

Q Security Services continues to lead the market, showcasing innovation and dynamism within the Indian security industry. Operating nationally, Q Security Services has its central command in the state of Uttar Pradesh and branch offices in over 25 major cities PAN India with around 10,000+ manpower associated. The company’s practitioners are well-versed in the latest security practices, receiving training derived from methodologies and modus operandi used by armed forces. Additionally, Q Security boasts a dedicated team of young and dynamic professionals in security and safety management.

Q Security protects people and their assets, extending its services to over four hundred business organizations, spanning public, private, and corporate sectors, as well as industries, institutions, multinational companies, and high-profile clients, including renowned businessmen and politicians. The company has earned distinction for providing security covers to well-known individuals and its mission goes beyond conventional security services. Q Security aims to create a secure environment for clients, their employees, assets, and loved ones, allowing them to focus on their core businesses. Recognizing their responsibilities to the profession and society, the company dedicates time to understanding the market and the evolving needs of customers. This commitment leads to the design and development of innovative solutions with different value chains for various customer groups. In essence, Q Security’s role transcends protecting lives, properties, assets, or cash; it’s about instilling a perpetual sense of safety in people’s lives.