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Under the umbrella of Q Group, QPET has been conceptualized not only to assist but also to cultivate the professional growth of millions of individuals facing challenges in advancing their careers across various industries. QPET is dedicated to realizing a broader vision of training and upskilling 2.5 crore youth by 2034, thereby contributing significantly to the nation's progress. The commitment extends to providing an array of professional courses catering to undergraduate (UG) and postgraduate (PG) students who are about to embark on their professional journeys, as well as to the large working population aspiring to advance in their chosen careers. Our initiatives extend support to women engaged in managing household responsibilities by offering opportunities for upskilling and updates, facilitating career restarts, or embarking on entrepreneurial journeys.

Moreover, QPET is poised to guide and mentor students at the crossroads of selecting career paths and the institutions to pursue them, offering education and career counselling to formulate well-thought-out career plans. In addition to its commitment to long-term professional development, we also provide various short-term courses designed for individuals seeking a fast-track career progression. The organization is set to offer Event Management Services and has plans to establish an in-house digital marketing agency. Additionally, QPET will organize diverse creative workshops to enhance the creative abilities of individuals.

As part of QPET commitment to expansion and diversification, the organization is introducing new courses and initiatives, including Education and Career Counselling and Planning for 10th and 12th students, workshops and seminars focusing on Career Counselling, Communication, and Personality Development for UG and PG students, Immigration Services, Creative Workshops, and opportunities related to Foreign Education at the School, UG, and PG levels.


Education & Career Counselling Planning (10th and 12th Students)

We target students of the 10th and 12th grades where we aim to provide guidance on educational and career choices likely to involve counselling sessions, aptitude tests, and assistance for career.

Career Counselling/Communication and Personality Development /Seminars (UG and PG Students)

This programme is tailored for undergraduate (UG) and postgraduate (PG) students. Including workshops and seminars focusing on career counselling, communication skills, and personality development.

Immigration Services

We provide services related to immigration, Likely to involve assistance with visa processes, documentation, and other aspects of immigration for individuals seeking to relocate.

Creative Workshops

Encompasses workshops dedicated to fostering creativity aiming at individuals interested in exploring and enhancing their creative abilities.

International Education (School/UG/PG Level)

We focus on services related to foreign education where we provide guidance and support for students interested in pursuing education abroad at the school, undergraduate, or postgraduate levels.