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Q Group's Training & Development vertical is strategically dedicated to enhancing the skills of individuals across India. By providing comprehensive training programs, we aim to contribute significantly to increasing the employment ratio in the country. This initiative reflects our commitment to empowering individuals with the skills needed for success in the modern workforce, ultimately fostering both personal growth and nationwide prosperity. Q Groups vision for Training and Development, marked by the establishment of multiple Skill Development Centres across the country, is a testament to its commitment to societal advancement.

By empowering individuals with the skills needed for success in the modern workforce, the group is not only shaping individual destinies but also contributing to the visionary initiative aligns with Q Group’s ethos of fostering innovation, inclusivity, and excellence in every facet of human development. Q Group takes immense pride in its recent empanelment with the prestigious Uttar Pradesh Skill Development Mission, an initiative led by the Government of Uttar Pradesh. This significant collaboration underscores our dedication to playing a pivotal role in the education, training, and placement landscape. Operating under the banner of QPET (Qplus Education & Training), our self-established Centre for Skill Development is poised to make a lasting impact in shaping the careers of aspiring individuals. With a strong presence in both the Government and Corporate sectors, Q Group actively participates in government programs such as the Kaushal Vikas Mission. This dual engagement underscores our versatility and adaptability in catering to the diverse needs of different sectors.

As Q Group embarks on its mission to establish a network of skill development centres across the nation, a crucial aspect of our commitment lies in ensuring that the individuals trained within these centres find meaningful employment opportunities. Over the next decade, Q Group envisions placing approximately 1,000 candidates annually, creating a substantial impact on the professional landscape and contributing to the socioeconomic development of the country.


Customized Training Programs

Tailored to meet specific needs, our programs address diverse skill sets and industry requirements.

Professional Development Workshops

Focused sessions to enhance leadership, communication, and other soft skills crucial for career advancement.

Technical Training

Comprehensive courses covering the latest technologies and industry trends to keep professionals at the forefront.

Corporate Training Solutions

Customized training modules for organizations to boost team productivity and efficiency.

Multiple Skill Development Centres

Establishing centres across the country to ensure accessibility and inclusivity in skill enhancement.

Government Certification Programs

Rigorous government certification courses to validate and enhance skill proficiency.