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Q Group demonstrates profound expertise in e-commerce recruitment, tailoring its approach to the unique demands of the online retail sector. Our strengths in this domain include. We possess a deep understanding of the e-commerce landscape, recognizing the specific skills required in various areas. We focus in adapting to the rapidly evolving nature of e-commerce, our recruitment process ensures the identification of candidates who can navigate the dynamic challenges inherent in this industry. Moreover, it plays a significant role in international trade agreements, fostering economic opportunities and cooperation on the global stage.

In essence, IPR services are vital for promoting innovation, economic development, and the protection of intellectual creations in our modern society. We assist our clients to protect intellectual assets through. We make strategies to safeguard creative innovative & work through IPR Solutions such as I.P.R. Infringements of Trademark, Copyright & Patent, Multi Jurisdiction, Raid Action, Pretext Purchase, Advice on IP Registration, Permanent Monitoring, Gray Market Evaluation. We offer all the required attention and guidance that is needed regarding Fraud, Theft, Business Crime, Labor Problem, Shadowing, Pre & Post Employee Verification, Address Verification, Education Certificate, Criminal Record etc. We take care of all cases standing and handle start to end on company’s behalf.



Infringement Patent/Trademark

Multi-Jurisdiction Raid Action

Pretext Purchase

Advice on IP Registration

Permanent Monitoring

Gray Marketing Evaluation


Theft & Fraud

Business Crime Criminal Record Verification

Health & General Insurance Verification

Labour Problem

Background Research & Employee Verification

Asset Tracing

Shadowing/ Tailing

Address & Education Verification

Due Diligencen