Qplus Education & Training



Qplus Education & Training aims towards a relentless pursuit of transforming Bharat into a developed nation, Q Group is spearheading a comprehensive Training & Development Initiative. This strategic endeavour is meticulously crafted to contribute significantly to Bharat’s employment rate by elevating the per capita income, with a strong emphasis on youth skill development. Recognizing that a substantial portion of Bharat’s manpower approximately¬†80% resides within the unskilled segment, we acknowledge the diverse educational backgrounds that encompass the uneducated, educated, and semi-educated. Our initiative addresses this critical gap by focusing on imparting essential skills that empower individuals across this spectrum.

Within the unskilled sector, a staggering 24% are engaged in unskilled occupations, while a significant 56% are employed in agriculture. Despite the vital role of agriculture, the current distribution exceeds the optimal rate, with only 18% required in this sector. The remaining 38% are poised for a transition, offering a tremendous opportunity to enhance their skills and contribute to the nation’s economic growth. A critical insight emerges when examining this segment: only 7% have received any form of training, leaving the majority unaware of the transformative possibilities that skill development initiatives can offer.

At Q Group, our commitment lies in bridging this knowledge gap and providing targeted training to empower individuals in the unskilled sector. Our Training & Development Initiative is a catalyst for change, equipping participants with the necessary skills to transition from agriculture to diverse economic sectors. By addressing this challenge head-on, we envision not only increasing the per capita income of Bharat but also catalysing a positive shift in the employment landscape. Join us on this transformative journey as we strive to empower the workforce, unlock latent potential, and contribute meaningfully to the GDP of Bharat. Together, we can propel the nation towards becoming a developed country, where economic prosperity is inclusive and sustainable.